Mobile Ultrasonography

Dog having ultrasound scan at Veterinary clinic

Diagnostic imaging is a powerful tool used to identify a wide range of health conditions in pets, from common afflictions to serious complications. Veterinary ultrasound is an especially popular diagnostic tool because of its painless, non-invasive nature and its ability to grant real time perspective of your pet’s soft tissues, vital organs, masses, and more. At our hospital, we have a mobile sonographer who works in conjunction with our board-certified specialists, and is used as well by the surrounding general practice veterinary clinics to produce high quality diagnostic images and deliver answers to important pet health questions.

Whether your pet receives an ultrasound at our location, or the sonographer comes to you at your primary care veterinarian, a board-certified radiologist will review the images to help reveal the root cause of your pet’s condition.

“I’m so grateful for Rossmoye ER. My dogs are frequent flyers here, and thankfully each of their visits have been for less serious issues. Knowing rossmoyne is 10 minutes away, I never hesitate to pile my mischievous furbabes in the car and take them to get checked out. I always think to myself “well, it’s probably nothing...but what if it is serious and I did nothing to help them?” I hope our visits to Rossmoyne are always for my peace of mind. But I know that regardless of the severity or reasons for our visits, my pups will always get great care here. Thank you for all that you do!”
Erika Brunelle