Specialty Veterinary Services

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Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center coordinates with general practitioners and board-certified veterinary specialists to offer pet owners access to experts in the field of veterinary at a convenient location. Specialists see patients either by appointment or by referral. Through a combination of information provided by the referring veterinarian and the advanced diagnostic capabilities at our clinic, our veterinary specialties can provide a deeper insight into important facets of your pet’s health and recommend targeted, more efficient solutions to specific health conditions.

Collaboration continues throughout with regular communication between the specialists, the family veterinarian, and pet owners. This gives your pet the high quality health care team your pet deserves and gives pet owners the reassurance that their pet is getting the most thorough, compassionate care available.

What is a board-certified veterinary specialist?

All veterinarians complete undergraduate schooling and an additional four years of veterinary school. To be considered for board certification, a veterinarian must also conclude a three to five year residency program and internship in the field they wish to specialize in. In order to receive their certification, the prospective specialist must then pass an examination and publish a peer-reviewed article. In the end, pet owners benefit from passionate board-certified veterinarians who have undertaken this rigorous process to gain specialized understanding of veterinary health.

Currently, Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center works with three board-certified veterinarians and as we expand, we will offer pet owners more and more opportunities to secure specialized health care for their pet. The veterinary specialists that currently collaborate with our clinic are board-certified in:

If you feel that your pet would benefit from a board-certified specialist, please speak to your family veterinarian for a referral.

“I’m so grateful for Rossmoye ER. My dogs are frequent flyers here, and thankfully each of their visits have been for less serious issues. Knowing rossmoyne is 10 minutes away, I never hesitate to pile my mischievous furbabes in the car and take them to get checked out. I always think to myself “well, it’s probably nothing...but what if it is serious and I did nothing to help them?” I hope our visits to Rossmoyne are always for my peace of mind. But I know that regardless of the severity or reasons for our visits, my pups will always get great care here. Thank you for all that you do!”
Erika Brunelle