What to Expect At Your Emergency Visit

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Patients are accepted on a walk-in basis but calling us prior to your arrival at Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center is extremely helpful as it gives us time to prepare for your pet’s emergency. We assess and triage each patient as he or she arrives but prioritize treatment based on the seriousness of each patient’s condition. Patients that present life-threatening injuries or medical conditions are seen immediately while stable patients are seen in the order that they arrive. During busy times, there may be a waiting period but we make every effort to keep the length of your wait to a minimum. We also keep pet owners fully informed throughout the procedural process and once your pet has been treated, we will personally coordinate with your family vet to inform them of the actions we made on behalf of your pet’s health.

Treatment Costs and Payment Options

A patient’s condition is assessed the moment they come through our doors. If additional services are recommended at the conclusion of his or her emergency exam, you will be provided a treatment plan outlining the cost. A deposit is required at the time that your pet is admitted and the remaining balance will be due when your pet is discharged. Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center accepts cash, credit cards, and personal checks. We also work with Care Credit to ensure your pet gets the critical care they need. Payment is due at time of service.

“I’m so grateful for Rossmoye ER. My dogs are frequent flyers here, and thankfully each of their visits have been for less serious issues. Knowing rossmoyne is 10 minutes away, I never hesitate to pile my mischievous furbabes in the car and take them to get checked out. I always think to myself “well, it’s probably nothing...but what if it is serious and I did nothing to help them?” I hope our visits to Rossmoyne are always for my peace of mind. But I know that regardless of the severity or reasons for our visits, my pups will always get great care here. Thank you for all that you do!”
Erika Brunelle