Emergency Veterinary Surgery

Ill retriever in veterinary clinic

If emergency surgery is deemed the best course of action, Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center is prepared to operate at a moment’s notice with our dedicated surgical team and state-of-the-art surgical suites. Our number one priority is securing the comfort and safety our patients before, during, and after surgery. We conduct a pre-operative exam and perform extensive diagnostic tests to ensure that the patient is stable and strong enough to sustain an operation.

We maintain comprehensive surgical services and often treat a variety of conditions. Immediate surgical attention is available to pets afflicted by:

  • Internal damage caused by trauma
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Ingested foreign objects
  • Ingested toxic substances
  • Acute illnesses

Following surgery, patients are admitted for inpatient care. Our highly skilled veterinary technicians will closely monitor each patient in our quiet and comfortable recovery ward.

We are committed to managing your pet’s pain during this process. We keep your pet comfortable through a combination of continuous monitoring, pro-active pain medication, and compassion. Our round-the-clock staff provides uninterrupted pain management tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

Pet owners play a crucial role in the recovery process for each patient. We keep pet owners informed throughout the procedure and welcome inpatient visitation of recovering pets. Patients are sent home with thorough comprehensive home care instructions and the assurance that your family veterinarian will be notified of the treatment your pet received at Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center.

“I’m so grateful for Rossmoye ER. My dogs are frequent flyers here, and thankfully each of their visits have been for less serious issues. Knowing rossmoyne is 10 minutes away, I never hesitate to pile my mischievous furbabes in the car and take them to get checked out. I always think to myself “well, it’s probably nothing...but what if it is serious and I did nothing to help them?” I hope our visits to Rossmoyne are always for my peace of mind. But I know that regardless of the severity or reasons for our visits, my pups will always get great care here. Thank you for all that you do!”
Erika Brunelle