Zeke The K-9 Officer

On March 15, 2013, a Harrisburg K-9 officer by the name of Zeke was injured in the line of duty and needed life-saving veterinary care. Zeke pursued a suspect and in the process of pinning the suspect, was shot in the neck. Even though he sustained a torn jugular vein, Zeke held the suspect until the threat was neutralized before being airlifted by helicopter to Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center. Dr. Mark Meyerhoff operated for two hours to successfully remove the bullet and repair the tissue damage. As a result of Dr. Meyerhoff’s expertise in Zeke’s time of crisis, Zeke made a full recovery and moved on to continue his distinguished career as a K-9 officer.

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“I’m so grateful for Rossmoye ER. My dogs are frequent flyers here, and thankfully each of their visits have been for less serious issues. Knowing rossmoyne is 10 minutes away, I never hesitate to pile my mischievous furbabes in the car and take them to get checked out. I always think to myself “well, it’s probably nothing...but what if it is serious and I did nothing to help them?” I hope our visits to Rossmoyne are always for my peace of mind. But I know that regardless of the severity or reasons for our visits, my pups will always get great care here. Thank you for all that you do!”
Erika Brunelle